November 27th 2009

So this week we actually talked about two things affiliate marketing and the use of mobile devices in marketing. But the discussion n mobile devices delved into the realm or permission marketing. Permission marketing was a term coined by Seth Godin. Essentially what permission marketing entails is building a trusting relationship  that can get the customer to volunteer to get emails or special offers. Traditional marketing tactics where based upon the interruption model of marketing. An ad interrupts your page or a commercial interrupts what your watching on T.V. whereas permission marketing is based people volunteering to listen to your message. As Seth Godin puts it: when someone chooses to pay attention they are actually paying you with something precious. And there’s no way they can get their attention back if they change their mind. Another way to look at it is like this: the average person is exposed to about 3000 marketing messages in a day. If you do the math thats like one marketing message every 28 seconds. But how many of those do we remember? Realistically, maybe one or two. But if a person opts in to receive your marketing materials then they are going to be a whole lot more willing to actually receive your message. The reason for this is two-fold. First, the message is anticipated by the receiver and second the receiver has opted into this agreement because they are interested in the material. Thereby making the receiver engaged in the product. By having a receiver that not only wants to get the message but also wants to be actively engaged makes permission marketing a very powerful tool when trying to distribute your marketing message. If engaged in permission marketing then congratulations are in order, for you have entered the realm of the next wave of marketing and you should be excited about the possibilities of the future.


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