*Pause while laughing subsides*

Welcome back folks to another installment of my mentally stimulating conversation on marketing and the web.

*Pause while laughing subsides*

So this week in class we discussed some of the aspects of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and some of the results of SEO. We always talk about goals, set them smart and you can’t go wrong. This has led me to wonder what are the goals of SEO, the ultimate goal is to get that top slot for Google’s search results. What is so important about getting your website to send out signal flares to Google’s search spiders? Well just that Google is the go to search engine for more than 60% of all internet users. WOW!! Marketers should almost be licking their chops now. With Google bringing together that many people into one place to search for information it is vitally important for organizations to survive in today’s fast paced digital world. By reaching the top you increase your visibility, and the more visible you are the more likely people are to choose your site. The average user only ever searches the first couple of results before clicking away from Google. And millions of people click away from Google, disappointed that they did not find what they where looking for everyday. So what does this show us, all the people clicking away that is? That many websites out there, while people want to see them, do not take advantage of SEO. This simple act of not choosing keywords and not developing a solid PageRank score will keep them in the lower echelons of the millions of pages offering the same thing as yours. Essentially non-visible websites are going to have no impact on the net or the consumer.

So what else does SEO get web savvy marketers, well frankly, it gets them their most favorite thing in the whole world-wide web. Measurable results. Results that can be quantified, qualified, examined, and dissected for the benefit of the marketer and the firm as well. This is what is really unique about SEO is the measurable results that allow marketers to examine how well they are doing. Without which we would still be stuck in the stone age of marketing. And no matter how much money you through at some problems, they may not disappear. Essentially, SEO gives the marketer the opportunity to learn from what they are doing and to change what they are doing as they do it. This is a unique function that arises and that can be the most beneficial to marketers I think. But the catch is we have to be smart enough to take advantage of it. And the problem with that is that a great deal of us are stuck in the ‘old school’ rather than the new age of Marketing 2.0. I will leave off with that thought, and catch you all again next week with more of my mentally stimulating marketing discussion.



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