Social Media,Marketing 2.0, and the Digital Native

Sorry to my readers, this posting comes a little later than most of them. Still within 7 days from my last Marketing 430 class though (that is for the Proffessors interest). So now that thats out of they way we can get on with the juicy stuff. This week in class we talked about social media (ie. Facebook, Twitter, etc). This has become a savvy marketers best friend. What!? You say. That can’t be. Well it can and is. How do marketers take advantage of social media? Well they turn to companies like Rapleaf, or Spokeo. So what do organizations dedicated to people search do? Well according to Spokeos splash page “uncover personal photos, videos, and secrets…Gauranteed” So how do these magnificently pervasive marketing tool dig up all that information on a person? Well Spokeo has developed their search algorithms to scour the deep wed for your info. According to the CEO of Spokeo “even though most people think the size of the Web is basically the Google crawl index, there’s actually a lot of information that Google doesn’t crawl,” says Harrison Tang, founder and CEO of Spokeo.

So what does this mean for the Digital Native? Well folks we gotta watch our butts. Every little bit of ourselves that we put out there is being analysed, studied, and interpreted in ways that help separate money from the wallet. So what are some of the implications of this kind of market research. Well the first thing that pops into my mind is the Market of One. Whats so special about that? Well if we look into the definition, level of customization and customer service at which a customer feels that he or she is an exclusive or preferred customer of the firm. Essentially no more geographical, social, or monetary segmentation. Now we segment by person. Imagine that, no more wasted marketing dollars. Why/ Because we know that little Sally Johnstone likes to only eat at Arby’s, hates the way her pants look, and can’t wait to hear the latest Pearl Jam album. Uh-oh, that’s a whole lot of information that a good marketer can use to their advantage. And the timing seems right too. This kind of people search has been around for long enough that it is starting to become a little more main stream. On the net, as we know, when something stops being new and shiney, and starts o be taken for granted is when something really starts to permeate society. With that in mind I will bid you ardu and urge you to check back next week as we continue our discussions into the roles of marketing online. Thanks.


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